Katrina Borg

  • Katrina Borg

    Head Of Business Development

Katrina has spent over a decade in the world of property management, working for both boutique agencies and industry giants.

A specialist in her field with an impressive track record, Katrina’s broad market knowledge, industry savvy and outstanding customer service ethic provide clients with a competitive edge. See more

Her expertise lies in maximising a client’s return on their investment and instilling trust and confidence through efficient systems, clear lines of communication and absolute attention to detail. Motivated by great results and happy clients, Katrina works hard to exceed expectations and restore faith in the industry. Her philosophy is to make it simple but significant.

Katrina has a great synergy with the team and takes pride in being part of a forward-thinking agency with such a strong market presence. A licensed real estate agent, Katrina takes a progressive approach to property management and regularly attends training events and seminars ensuring she stays abreast of industry innovations and legislative changes.

"The team at PPD were unbelievable from start to finish. They made the process of renting out my property so simple. There was excellent communication, urgency, dedication and a very warm and personal approach at all times. As a professional with very little time available , I really valued the ability to let go and trust that everything would be handled smoothly- and it was! Thanks Katrina Borg and team at PPD" Dr Lisa Myers, Landlord

"Katrina delivers a personalised and professional service that is efficient and transparent. She is extremely reliable and very knowledgeable which makes the process of managing my property seamless and stress free. Katrina’s communication and diligence is exceptional and I look forward to dealing with her and the team in the long term." Nina, Landlord

“Katrina and her team deliver the type of professional service you would expect from a property management team. She is extremely knowledgeable and very diligent in all aspects of her work and prompt in her communication on questions asked. This give me the confidence that am in good hands and makes the process of leasing my property easy. I would recommend Katrina and her team to anyone looking for a property manager; I  look forward to dealing with her and the team in the long term.” Fotes, Landlord


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